Why Google Adwords Is Essential to Online Marketing

Most companies now have websites designed to capture business from Internet users. However, even the best designed sites will not attract customers unless search engines can find them. With that in mind, company owners use search engine optimization (SEO) and targeted content to make sites more visible to search engines. Those who want fast, quality results also rely on Google Adwords to drive traffic to sites using highly visible advertising that shows up in search results.

Adwords Speeds SEO Results

For years SEO was the primary method of driving customers to websites and it is still part of most online marketing campaigns. Webmasters usually hire SEO professionals to alter site design, add meta descriptions, create title tags, and include targeted content. These alterations make it easy for search engines to find sites, which means they are more likely to appear in the results of shoppers’ searches. Traditional SEO methods are reliable but take months to get results. Site owners often include Adwords to speed the process by including ads in Google search results. That increases their ranking. Google charges webmasters every time a customer clicks on one of their ads and is sent to their site.

Adwords Helps Increase Brand Awareness

Company owners also rely on Adwords to help build their brands. The advertising they pay for is at the top of search results, so it is constantly seen by online visitors. Studies show that this benefit applies to all types of goods and services. In fact, a recent Google survey showed that search ads increased top-of-mind awareness by over 6%. That helps turn products and services into well-known brands. It also expands site traffic because brand searches increase search engine rankings. Businesses using Adwords consider it a bargain because it offers an excellent return on investment.

Adwords Reaches Clients Through Gmail

Businesses also use Adwords because it enhances email marketing efforts. Since 2015 Google has included Adwords with native Gmail ads. That means that Gmail users automatically see relevant advertising in their promotion and sometimes social tabs. The content appears on both mobile devices and desktops.

Website owners often increase traffic to their sites with Adwords campaigns that place eye-catching advertisements high in Google search results. Adwords campaigns produce fast results, help increase brand awareness, and include Gmail ads.