Planning For The Cost Of A College Education

In the Virgin Islands, parents prepare their children for college by choosing the right plan to cover tuition costs. While some students qualify for grants, others need loans to pay the full cost. By generating the right plan, students avoid loan debt. A financial advisor helps parents choose the best plan to accumulate college tuition.

Setting Up a College Trust Fund

Consumers can set up a trust fund at any time they prefer for their children. The trust funds are a viable solution for managing the child’s college tuition. The consumer could set up stipulations related to the plan that defines how the money is used. The stipulations could also control how much money is available to the college student each year leading up to graduation.

Pre-paying the Preferred College

Parents also have the option to pre-pay the college tuition after the child has chosen a school. The payments could be made at any time and are kept on record through the college. By pre-paying the tuition, it is possible for the family to acquire some savings on the total cost. Overall, the student pays less than others if the college accepts the current rate and doesn’t add more costs due to tuition increases in the future.

Setting Up a 529 Savings Plan

A 529 savings plan assists parents in accumulating the right amount of funds for college. The contributions can start when the child is born or any time preferred by the parent. The plan accumulates interest according to the current rates.

CDs and Interest-Bearing Accounts

Certificate of deposit accounts allow a consumer to accumulate a predetermined value by the maturity date. The funds remain in the account for the full duration to accumulate the maximum interest.

Interest-bearing checking and savings accounts are also beneficial in accumulating tuition funds. The consumer must review the potential interest they can accumulate when opening the account.

In the Virgin Islands, parents cover the cost of a college education by setting up the right savings plans or pre-paying the expenses. A financial advisor could present a clear plan for helping parents manage the cost more proactively. Parents who want to review their options contact Cane Bay Partners right now.