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A How-to-Guide on Steps to Take After Injury at Workplace

If you happen to be hurt in the line of work and sustain injuries, they are called work-related injuries. Also when a worker is injured while working out of their usual site, it’s also covered.An injury can be caused by an accidental fall and trauma due to unsafe working conditions, or just a mere accident. In the event of injury, payment should be made to the employee. They are also entitled to compensation for injuries resulting from repetitive motions. A motor vehicle accident injury is also payable if it happens in the course of duty.The following are tips on what to do if you’re injured at your place of work.

You need to seek medical attention first. However, a certain protocol has to be followed when seeking medical attention. First, it is good to inform your employer of the accident as quickly as you can.Therefore, your supervisor should call the human resources department soon after the accident to inform them of the accident. Afterwards, you are supposed to see a specific medical practitioner that you will be referred to.

However, you can choose your own doctor if you are covered by FECA. It is prudent that you avoid getting help from your workmates in the workplace. The reason behind this is that it can bring problems to you and the claim. Thus, it is worthwhile to hire a cab or any other good Samaritan to take you to the hospital.

When you know your rights in the workplace, you will be at an advantage.Workers who sustain injuries in the course of work are entitled to various rights that they may be unaware of.First, they are entitled to claim for the illness or the injury either in the industrial courts or workers compensation court. Workers can claim for loss of income for the period that they are incapacitated. Also, if you suffer from total disability, this should also be claimed.

When the doctor allows you to go back to work, you have the right to.Nobody has the right to prevent you from resuming work after the doctor has declared that you are medically fit. You have the right to sue for damages if your employer stops you from going back.In addition to this, the medical bill should be footed by your employer’s insurance company.

A duly filled official claim form is also required. This should be done as soon as possible and posted so that payment is made quickly. You can also claim for loss of income and any ongoing therapy. Though, documentary evidence from the doctor is necessary.If you employer happens not to have a workers compensation policy a lawyer can help you as Dodge Jones explains on their website.